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Great Work in the Spanish Ministry with Marco Senoret


Jun 4, 2006 -

The Spanish side of the We Care Ministries is “not cruising but serving”.  What a great work led by our own Marco Senoret.  As the Spanish campaign goes on at the church of Christ on Kleberg Road in Dallas, Texas through June 11th, the show of over 220 people at each meeting is phenomenal.   The people really like how Marco answers each of their questions regarding the gospel.  They love to hear the truth and only the truth coming right out of the scriptures. 

The congregation at 13429 Lenosa Lane in Dallas, Texas 75253 is Spanish, but 75% to 80% of the members speak English.  Language is not a problem for all who come to work especially those that are with the We Care cadre.  You are needed.  There is a lot of work to do.  As of right now an average of 3-6 teams are going out each day.  Each of the teams are all bilingual.  Once again language is NOT a problem. 

Betsy Guzman is a daughter of one of the members of the church and was restored to the Lord.  They have seen great change in her mentally and spiritually.  She is now more active, talking more with the brethren and is very happy.  Isn’t it great to be in the Lord and walking with Him?  God is Great!!

 Davis and Francisco Morales have been visiting with the church for over a year.  They were attending a church that had a lot of problems and wanted to go to a church with more stability for their children.  Their two children, Fernando and Maria, (teenagers) have now heard the gospel, knows the Lord and have obeyed.  Another family now in Christ.

Anna Ramirez was a Catholic who came to the United States from Mexico in November.  Members of the church started studying with her in January and this morning she came forward to obey the gospel and put her Lord on in baptism. 

Ruth Ramirez (15) is a sister of one of the members of the church.  She is living with her boyfriend and is pregnant.  She has now obeyed the gospel and has decided to live the way the Lord wants her to live.  She and her boyfriend will be going to the purchase their marriage license tomorrow morning and they will be united in marriage in 3 days. 

And Carlos Ibarro came and put his Lord on in baptism making the total as of this writing 7 baptisms and 1 restoration.  There are still 10 people very close to obeying the gospel as they are counting the cost.  Please say a prayer on behalf of these precious souls that they make the decision to come to the Lord and pray that Satan will not interfere.

Tommy Key, one of our cadre members, is working wonders with the young people.  He is responsible for great things happening.  Ernie Lomax is such a servant and has been working with the Spanish for a couple of days as well as our own Peggy and Larry West.  Ernie is coming back with a couple of more cadre members to continue the work at Lenosa Lane.  More cadre members are expected this week to help with the Lord’s will.

And there is still more to this story.  Many years ago there was a break up in the church and now two of the churches involved in this break up have now come to a reconciliation.  Isn’t that the best news you could hear?  They are reunited because they all have one thing in common—Fellowship in the Lord.  Fantastic!!!

Marco, Salvador, and Jose Luis Perez have been praying and working on the radio with the Northside congregation in Fort Worth, TX.  This congregation is also a part of the break up years ago.  Through the radio program they have received many phone responses.  They have a lot of work to do with these responses.  Sounds like a wonderful problem to have.  And after this campaign, in another week, Marco and Jose Luis will go to the congregation in Fort Worth to present the gospel. 

Thank you Lord for loving us.